01. About

In-Ground Storm Shelters built in Oklahoma

Choose from several sizes. Six person to fourteen people, it’s your choice. At Shelter From The Storm we can also custom build your shelter to meet your needs. We can also build Safe Rooms for the garage, for your yard or modify an existing closet in your home. Again it’s you choice, we work for you.

Locally Owned

We live here and know the weather in Oklahoma! Our storm shelters are built strong to last.

Local Employees

Putting Oklahomans to work! No outsourcing to other companies out-of-state!

Local Vendors

We buy all of our supplies from Oklahoma companies! We believe in investing back into local companies!

Our Shelters

Below are several sizes of storm shelters that we offer,
BUT if you don't see the size you want, contact us and we'll build you a custom storm shelter to your liking.

  • 6-8 People
  • 3' x 6' x 4.5'
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 8-12 People
  • 5' x 7' x 5.5'
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 12-16 People
  • 5' x 8' x 6' 4"
  • Lifetime Warranty
Call Us!
  • Any Size You Want!
  • Lifetime Warranty

03. FAQ

When buying a storm shelter, a lot of questions may arise. Below are some answers you may be looking for. If you don't find the answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us.

Has your shelters been
tested at Texas Tech?

Yes and not only tested we passed. Our shelter was “over built” by 83%. Meaning the “dents” in our shelter was only a ½” while others are up to 3”. Please see the video below of the testing process. Texas Tech shot four 2”X4’s” at the shelter each weighing 15 pounds.

Have you been
FEMA approved?

The truth is that FEMA does not approve shelters. If someone tells you that they are FEMA approved, run. We do follow the FEMA guidelines 320 / 361 and ICC-500 tornado protocol 4. Passing the Texas Tech Wind Institute Debris Impact test proves that.

Will I have a muddy mess when you leave?

No, We will wash down the garage floor and drive. You might have a little “pink” on the drive due to the red clay, but that should wash off after a short period.

How involved do I need to be when you install?

Just open the garage door, allow us to plug in for a drill, and use a little water. We will not need to enter the home.

When can I get my shelter installed?

After the sale, our goal is to install in about a week or two.

Is there a down payment?

No, no down payment is required. Full payment is expected when the installation is completed.

Can I finance?

Yes, we have an agreement with Cornerstone Bank to give our customers the lowest rate possible based on the credit rating

How long will
installation take?

Most installs will take 4 to 5 hours.

What happens if I tell my friends about Shelter From The Storm and they buy one?

Well first, thanks, second we will give you and your family member or friend a referral voucher so both you and your friend can receive a referral payment

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We want to make sure you have all your questions answered before your make your final decision on your storm shelter. Let us help you make the right decision. Feel free to call or message us with any questions you may have.

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